Barebones Design

is shaped by the concept of being the essential or vital party of an idea or experience.

I am a multi-disciplinary freelance designer and lecture at Greenside Design Center Collage of Design. By combining design thinking, creativity and technology I solve problems, innovate, create experiences make the complex clear and beautiful. My aesthetic is influenced by a (South African) focus on craft and detail, but I have a deep seated yearning for solutions to be simpler, more honest. Bare Bones Design ultimately aims to produce designs that are trusted, understood, rendered nearly invisible.

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I enjoy working with passionate and creative people; many of the projects featured are the product of collaborating with other design thinkers, creators, start-ups and musicians. I do believe in taking the correct approach to answer the brief, be it bare boned, multi-disciplinary, multi-media or multi-platform execution. If you have an interesting project – big or small, commercial or personal – please get in touch.

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